ARC, AMC what is use in sap, how to make PR for ARC and AMC


In this article we are learn and earn how to make PR for ARC and AMC. First of all your are know what is ARC and AMC , so ARC is the full form of annual rate contract and AMC is the full form of annual maintenance contract.  

Both service are term period one or two year above. but as you choose time period for contract , It is basically we are using maintenance work in our plant.  

What is PR (Purchase requisition)  

That is request for any material given to for buy. In this purchase requisition all details are provide. like item code. cost, material description , who requester , department etc. means all are details available for making PO. After create PR the purchase department making PO.  

How to make PR(Purchase requisition)  

There are very simple method you can create PR . we are already one post share with you in this topic you see here.  now search the T-code ME51N this t code you are using create PR. and you are follow the as per given details.Details:

Item: put the 10
A: should be blank
I: Put the L (subtracting)
Material: here put the item code of repairing material
short text: Not required any text putting always showing after input item code
Quantity: You can put as per requirement quantity of material
Unit: Nos
Delivery date: You can put when are you required time you can put approximately date.
Material Group: here you put group of material code
Store Location: always put data of main store
P.Gr: here you can put purchaser name of material
Requesting: put here to your name
Tracking Number: You can put name of cost center
and same as fill item:20 as above details or choose K and D

Note: If you want to create pr for inside plat so don’t use I: Put the L (subtracting) only use to K and D. If you want to use service for outside plate so also use to item code for better tracking.

After Create PR You are communicate to purchaser department for this pr for making ARC and AMC. and you are give information by text in sap. actually no difference option for arc and arc and amc same.

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