Format computer without loss your data

How to format your computer so today as tell you can easily format your computer and your computer without losing your files. But you have to follow the all step

Format computer without loss data

  1. Now go to the screen of your machine or press the Start button, then pick the settings and then 
    Pick the update and protection again. 
  2. Please see the label below

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2.Select the recovery method, then choose the rest of the PC and Get start.


3. Now you can choose the keep me files its better. if you can want to choose the keep e files so defiantly your data will be save.

If you want to choose remove everything so your data will be delete completely. So Now that is your Choice.

Keep Me Files

Please note that I am inform you only your external software to be delete so before must be save and take backup because after format computer you can again install.

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