Free install and download WhatsApp on your computer and PC

Best topic of how to download and install WhatsApp in a new computer PC. Download for WhatsApp in your computer first web browser and the second app so now I will tell you how to download from a web browser and SO I want to tell you very easy process you can download WhatsApp in your computer and PC.

Free install and download WhatsApp on your computer and PC

Web browser

Web browser how to install from a web browser and image you can every browser like Chrome or Internet Explorer etc downloaded to in your direct browser and use the WhatsApp Messenger so I tell you first of all you go to the official website of WhatsApp click here and open the browser in your computer and QR code scan from your WhatsApp mobile App.

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How to scan QR code now go to on mobile or open the WhatsApp messenger then you seen right side three dots, click or select the WhatsApp web or scan QR code of your computer. After selecting the QR code your successfully WhatsApp messenger is active for the web browser. But always on the data in mobile then working on the computer.

WhatsApp App

WhatsApp app you can download and install very easy process from window 10 computer so I tell you computer on window 10 how to install WhatsApp on computer. so go to the Microsoft store or search WhatsApp or download and install on your computer.

After install open WhatsApp then found the QR code then now you can open WhatsApp on mobile or click the three dots on the right side of your WhatsApp then select the WhatsApp web or scan the QR code on your computer after scan successfully install WhatsApp on pc.

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