how to connect network IP address from PC and laptop to printer

How to connect network IP address from PC and laptop to printer– 

There are very simple method for used how to connect IP address to pc and you can used to print any document as per your requirement daily. first of all you go to start button on your pc screen at left side so click here. please see the picture

First install software of printer. and also connect network cable both printer and pc.
Step-0, Go to start , where are you using all icon
Step-1, Printers and scanner
Step-2, Add printer and scanners
Step-3,  select, add a local printer or network with manual setting
Step-4 create a new port and select type of port standard TC/IP port
Step-5, put IP address of your printer if available now correct always put correct IP address. like as then click to next button now wait after some times so automatically come name of printer on your screen now you select printer name. then next button, so after some time you got found printer connected successfully.


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