How to create net banking of central bank of India

Net banking is very easy process you can start, what is benefit net banking. more benefit for net banking you can easy to transfer money any other bank , check balance . etc,

what are requirement document for opening net banking so if the kyc update in your account so document require only for submit net banking application request from in bank then after two and three days then apply

  1. Now go to official website of central bank of India
  2. Click here to personal login or directly click here to new userThen go to please click here to process Now click to online password change Now put here CIF number choose the three option available on your screen you can choose any optionSo I select the KYC+Account number the mobile mobile number always write 91 the 10 digit mobile number. After submit you can found otp on your mobile so put here and choose the password after choose password now successfully complete

Now check again login on home page of central bank of India

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