How to Create Purchase Requisition for manpower in SAP

Purchase requisition for manpower hiring in your plant and department so very simple method you can create in this article but follow by step by step why requirement purchase requisition that is increase manpower as per demand in department and may any reason required so now I will going main topic on create Purchase requisition

Always remember of short code and T-code for create PR(Me51n), First of all you go to login on SAP or search the code Me51n, after search  you can seen this type picture,

Now after seen the picture first click here to Create Entry sheet then put location of plant above header of shoe icon that is most important.
A:  below here you put the K ( that is cost center)
I: below here you put the D ( Services)
Unit: below here you put -Au
C: below here you put D (Services) then press the button of enter
Delivery Date:  Below 31.12.2018, means how much required for working years your manpower  so you put always last date in SAP.
Material Group: Below here you put material group that is as per requirement Services
Plant: Below here you put name of plant
Store Location:  Below here always you put main store
PGr: here you put purchaser group name for manpower supply
Requisition Name: Below here you put name
Tracking No: Below here you put cost center of your department

Now click to Enter after click to automatically show the quantity on you screen 1. and one open popup on screen so now required two document like as SERVICE NO and GL/A (GL account) if the you have not so you can contact IT and account department.

Text: here you put name of manpower like as machine operator, Fitter, helper, if the required helper so you only put helper then go to next process.

Service No: here you put service number then enter so now show the automatically in short Text,

Quantity: here you put number of main days quantity for how much required in years

Example : How much day in one months- 30days •How much day in one years- 365 days and how much Sunday in one years=52days •So Total required for hiring manpower for 3years
3years x 365 days = 1095main days

So now all manpower working only 26days and Sunday will be weekly off then,  Total main days 1095-156days (that is Sunday weekly off in three years)= 939 main days. If the required total numbers of fitter 10nos so 10×939= 9390 qty in three years.  Now you can put in SAP Quantity=9390

Gross Price: for example- Our manpower working in 26 days in one months and one day(Sunday) provide to weekly off as per company rule regulations. So amount of decided machine operator=  15000/months so you calculate for one days that is   15000/26 =576.92(without Sunday weekly off) i.e  577 round figure. So you can put the value of – 577 on gross price. Then save. After save must be check total amount ok or not

How to Print after create purchase requisition

very simple process to print now you can search box in SAP short code of ZPRINTPR then click to enter now you have to fund new window of print view so you can provide the PR number or take a print directly.

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