How to delete themes from wordpress, Which is install old themes

How to delete themes from wordpress. Today as I tell you How to delete themes from wordpress, Which is install old themes. why you want to delete old themes that is most important because impact on direct on SEO. and your hosting space.

What is Themes

The theme is change the website look is better of your blog and website. there are most important. it should be delete.

How to install themes in your wordpress blog

So there are very simple method you can install themes in your blog please follow our step by step process. Now first of all you go to login wordpress account and go to apprence or selcect the themes then click the add new.

After click add new then got more themes available in your screen so you can choose different type themes or have avail option category you can search or select then install and activated. After that activated you can customize themes.

Why delete themes which is we are change the new themes

Actually when are change the new themes in your blog so after some time wordpress are automatically recommend to delete the themes. if you not delete to delete the old theme so more effect on blog for speed so you can delete the very easy process in my step by step.

How to delete old themes from wordpress

So now start how to delete old themes from wordpress. now login the to wordpress data base or click the to appearance then themes then click to serial number-3 as per provide details in picture.

After click on the theme details now showing the in below picture so click the delete option and confirm then ok. after confirm the ok now your themes is deleted successful.

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