How to make service entry sheet in SAP

qFirst of all you go to login SAP or search the code ML81N, after search you can follow this producers step by step

üOther Purchase Order (and put here to PO Number)
üCreate Entry sheet: (Always create new entry sheet)
üService Selection: ( and select the all item so on screen but first of all must be check from your invoice including item available or not if not match your invoice  so first you have to correction then make entry sheet.)  After selection put the only No. of work quantity and amount from help invoice an If the found ok then go to next process.
üShort text: (put here work related name)
üService Location: (put here to cost center)
ü Period(Basic-Put here to working period how much time include that is first put start date from your invoice and last date of your working end date put)
ü Save: Click to Yes (After save please note Service entry sheet Number)
üDisplay change (Edit):  (Click here)
üAccept: (Click here)
üSave:Click to Yes, (After save please note Martial Document Number) Now successfully complete
How to take print of Service Entry sheet by help from material document number

T-Code = MB51
Document required for print-MRN (material document number)
 Now search the mb51 in your SAP after that you have found one popup now here to you put in option of material document- then click to search.
 After that you can see the list all including your service item so select the serial wise or choose details (Ctrl+shift+F3) or select the print option. Now collect print or attached document then submit next future process.

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