How to make service purchase requisition for printer and any services

Service purchase requisition for printer and any service purchase requisition that is same method to create PR of manpower as my previous post if you not see the my previous post so you can see that is very simple method you can create by help from in this article read full step by step.

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What is Document required

Most important of Requirement document during create PR so first collect the details from IT and account department in your company

Service Number

GL account

Create PR How

Always remember of short code and T-code for create PR(Me51n), First of all you go to login on SAP or search the code Me51n, after search  you can seen this type picture,

First the provide the details of  location plant above or select the details that is most important.Item: put the 10
A: should be blank
I: Put the L (subtracting)
Material: here put the item code of repairing material
short text: Not required any text putting always showing after input item code
Quantity: You can put as per requirement quantity of material
Unit: Nos
Delivery date: You can put when are you required time you can put approximately date.
Material Group: here you put group of material code
Store Location: always put data of main store
P.Gr: here you can put purchaser name of material
Requesting: put here to your name
Tracking Number: You can put name of cost center

Now press the enter button then show the one more popup window as per give below so now put the service number of printer then press the enter after press the enter required of GL account and cost center so now you can provide the data then ok. Now put the quantity and Gross price.

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