How to restore backup in mobile and setting process

Why backup required in your mobile phone- That is most important backup in your mobile if your mobile is loss, missing, any mistake format so your important should be  automatically  backup on you mobile, so now latest starts tutorial how is possible please check read carefully

Today as tell you about Samsung mobile how to take backup. different company mobile different methods process but no difficult you can easy way change to process by trick.

 First of you go to setting in your mobile or search cloud and account or click here. now required to create accounts now go to backup and restore- Backup setting- (if not account available so first now create account in Samsung )then login after login-click to agree to all and agree wait after sometimes,

Now take to backup how- again go to backup and restore -should be on backup my data- and click to backup account or select to gmail id if you want to keep backup. then – click to automatic restore. now go to backup setting  and select backup option which is requirement to you and click to backup after some time your backup automatically keep in you Samsung mobile.

How to restore backup in your mobile.

That is same process to restore backup  go to setting- cloud and accounts-backup and restore-Restore-restore  now some times after complete restore backup then restart mobile. now successfully complete backup setting and restore. 

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