How to Short Close Purchase Requation in SAP

How to sort close Purchase Requation in SAP today’s tell you how can you short closed PR. in SAP. There are very simple methods you can easily short close in purchase requation in SAP.

Why you require short closed in Purchase Requation in SAP. The answer is if the missing quantity during making work order against purchase requation so You have required for short close. Due to showing opening quantity in PR.

I want to tell you the open balance quantity required for closing. I am sharing with you full details you can follow the article step by step.

Step 1: Logging in SAP by user and password

Step2: Go t-code me22

Step 3: Search the purchase requisition

Step 4: Click the change and display (Edit)

Now Select the Quantity/Date tab and click the close item then the save button. Now your successfully Pr is closed, I hope you understand.

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