How to Work from home?

Work from home, How is possible Yes you can do it. If you have work official job. Now you are thinking how to connect your document from office to home so today’s tell that very simple you can connect document from office to home without remote and also you have to work smoothly without lose your document.

There are two option you can wrok from home. 1) Onedrive, (2) Google drive


This tools owner of Microsoft. Onedrive is the best option you can easy to purchase onedrive from Microsoft then you can work from home. Both option we have to available paid service and free service. choose the your option and install.

How to purchase Ondrive and document save

  • Paid Service: First of go to official website of office365 Microsoft and purchase choose plan. here two different plan for home and for business. you can see the above picture or choose the plan. after purchase you can work all tools use work from home. every location without any remote.
  • Free service: when free services you have you signup Microsoft from your mail id in Microsoft if the you have to window10 in your computer definitely you have found free service . But limited only 2GB. or enjoy its very good. and also you can use Microsoft office online.

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How to use Google drive, for work from home

  • Google drive that is free service and you can use without purchase any drive or office. only from used to gmail mail id. first yo go to signup gmail or go to google drive. see the below image or click the drive option and you can use all features free of all ms office.
  • In this google drive storage upto 15GB free you can storage file and any document. and also use to free google excel, words, pptx, means all used to office.

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