List of G code and M code for used CNC Machine

List of G code and M code,  You can using making  program on CNC Machine/Lathe machine.

G00 Rapid liner interpolation- we are used only for rapid motion
G01 Liner interpolation
G02 Clockwise circular movement spindle
G03 Counter clockwise circulation movement
G04 Dwell
G05 FADAL Non modal rapids
G09 Motion- Exact stop check
G10 Compensation – Programmable parameter input
G17 Coordinate- XY plane
G18 Coordinate- XZ plane
G19 Coordinate YZ plane
G20 Coordinate – Program coordinate by inches
G21 Coordinate- for used program coordinate by mm
G27 Motion- Reference point return check
G28 Motion- Return to home position
G29 Motion- Return from the reference position
G30 Motion- for used to return to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reference point
G40 Compensation – for used tool cutter off radius
G41 Compensation – for used tool cutter off left radius
G42 Compensation – for used tool cutter off  Right radius
G43 Compensation- Apply tool length plus
G44 Compensation- Apply tool length minus
G49 Compensation- Apply tool length cancel
G50 Compensation- rest all scale to 1.0
G51 Compensation- Turn on scale factors
G52 Local coordinate system shift
G53 Machine coordinate system
G54 Fixture offset 1
G55 Fixture offset 2
G56 Fixture offset 3
G57 Fixture offset 4
G58 Fixture offset 5
G59 Fixture offset 6
G60 Unidirectional approach
G61 Exact stop mode
G64 Cutting mode constant velocity
G65 Macro call
G66 Macro  modal call
G67 Macro modal call cancel
G68 Coordinate system rotation
G69 Coordinate system rotation cancel
G73 High speed peck drilling
G74 LH Tapping
G76 Fine boring
G80 Canned cycle cancel
G81 Hole drilling
G82 spot face
G83 Deep hole peck drilling
G84 RH Tapping
G85 Spindle on, boring retract at feed
G86 Spindle Off, boring retract at feed
G87 Back boring
G88 Boring manual retract
G89 Boring, dwell, retract at feed , spindle on
G90 Absolute position mode
G91 Incremental position mode
G92 Local coordinate system setting
G93 Inverse time feed
G94 Feed per minute
G95 Feed per revolution
G96 Constant surface speed
G97 Constant speed
G98 Initial point return
G99 R point return
M Code list
M00 Program stop
M01 Optional program stop
M02 End of program
M03 Spindle start clock wise
M04 Spindle start reverse wise
M05 Spindle stop
M08 Coolant on
M09 Coolant off
M29 Rigid tap mode
M30 End of program reset
M40 Spindle gear at middle
M41 Low gear select
M42 High gear select
M68 Hydraulic chuck close
M69 Hydraulic chuck open
M78 Tail stock advancing
M79 Tail stock reversing
M94 Mirrorimage cancel
M95 Mirrorimage of X axis
M98 Subprogram call
M99 End of subprogram

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