Return file, Income tax, How to file income tax online

Hi guys today tell you how to return income tax electronically. It’s very easy to find and apply online instructions you can get online in this method below.

What is the advantage?

That’s a good question if you want to pay income tax and return online or offline, there’s no problem you can get quick loans from any bank and you have to say that as a tax payer

1.How to efile Income Tax account

Question: How to create income tax for the account. So today, as you’re told, there’s a very simple way you can create that easy account. First of all, go to the income tax department’s office website or sign yourself

Click the Tab, Select type of section: Individual, Type your history info or click on continue, And fill in all the details as per request on your screen or verify the account now successfully create your account after verification.

2.What is ITR

ITR Income Tax Return is a form in which the text Fear File in this ITR Income Tax Details Epic Related Department consists of seven notified areas in TTR-1, ITR-2, ITR-3, ITR-4, ITR-5, ITR-6 and ITR-7. So, as ITR, HOW TO e-file tells you today, who are efile itr, all salaries workers should file itr. Follow the sentence below regarding how to do efile itr

3. How to return ITR1-file

So today’s tell you how to return ITR1 file which people are ITR-1 file. Person in the private sector, salaried employee fills the ITR-1. Tell you efile ITR-1 today is a very simple operation. You can follow our method step-by – step.

  • Login to the official Income Tax Department website, where you can go directly to the link below to login to your website
  • You can now open the computer screen and show the e-file, so click here to fill in the details of the return on efile-income tax.
  • Choose the assessment year 2020 21 that is the next assessment year
  • Choose the form number ITR1 and then fill in the original updated return selected and submit mode. You can plan and apply online and upload XML first, then click on the Continue button.
  • Page a general instruction: here you can feel all the information about yourself, which is the PAN number, the Aadhar number, the date of birth, the mobile number, the mail ID, the address after refilling and then save.
  • Calculation of income tax: Total gross income listens to the details of the income data so you have to put the gross salary and blue deduction and the total taxable income you put the total savings deduction in this financial year and
  • Tax details: where you have to give old details of your next tax paid and check now you have put the other information that is your bank details account number Bank name IFCI code and below the check you put the father’s name and place and then submit it.

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