What is Pan Card? How to Link Aadhar to Pan

We are discussing the Pan Card and how to link an Aadhar Card to a PAN Card. Yes, as you all know, an Aadhar card is required for everyone in today’s world, and both an Aadhar card and a PAN card are among the most important a documents for Indians.

A Pan Card Photo is used as a form of identification. The PAN card, whose full name is Permanent Account Number, is the most suited identity card for financial transactions or income tax purposes. PAN Card is a ten-digit alphanumeric number issued by the Income Tax Department.

PAN card is a very significant photo identification card that is necessary to pay taxes and create a bank account. It is also used as a document in government departments.

how to link pan card and aadhar card

We can write PAN card and Aadhar card together in a very easy way, for this you have to go to the Income Tax official website, click on the link given below,

How to make pan card

We can make PAN card in two ways

Offline: In offline you have to go to PAN card center and fill up the form and deposit then submit your PAN card along with documents like Aadhar Card Voter ID ETC
Online: To make PAN card online, it can be made through two websites, in which form number 49A has to be filled, click on the website given below.

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