What is TAF-COP Portal | How to work function of TAF-COP

Today, we will look at what the full form of PAFC UP Portal is and how it works, as well as what benefits we can get from it. The full form of TAF-COP Portal is The telecom Analytics for fraud management and consumer protection. You must have realized that if you want to avoid fraud in full form, you can use this portal to see how many SIM cards are activated in your name.

What is TAP-COP Portal

This is a Telecom sector ka portal through which you can check who is the owner of your sim card number, that is, how many sims are active in your name, and he will come to know through this portal through this portal through this portal we can reduce crime in the world. This is the purpose of bringing face lady of Telecom Department to reduce crime in the world.

How to check your mobile number activate

We can easily check how many SIM cards have been made available from our Aadhar card via our mobile number if we follow the steps in the article step by step.

To begin, navigate to the official website by clicking on the link provided below and logging in as shown in the image.
Then you must enter your active mobile number, after which you must click on Request OTP, after which you will receive an OTP and validate the DP.

When you validate your TP, this cream will be shown to the SIM card that is activated by your number, just like you can check your number, how much is linked with Aadhar card.

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