What is Reservation, How to book reservation any material in sap from T-code, MB21, MB22, MB23, MB25

In this article you can learn about reservation how to make reservation in sap, how to delete material no in booking reservation number, how to view reservation no, how to print reservation no.  

What is reservation

A reservation is a book to material from warehouse when are after clear MRN and show the stock avail in your ware house. Just like saying you to booking railway ticket reservation.  

How to make reservation in sap   

There are very simple method you can easy to make reservation in sap for the help of our article. so you can follow me step by step

Step-1. First of all you do login in sap then search the T-Code MB21
Step-2, Now choose the current business location code of plate and enter the cost center
Step-3, Good receipt: provide the name of receipt
Step-4, Enter the item code which is requirement material ( before check the material avail which store location ) and put the requirement quantity or store location.

Then press the button of ENTER and check the details show on computer screen if you have provide details of right so you can press the save. after press the save you can below on screen reservation number now noted then take print.

How to take Print of reservation number.

That is very simple method you can take print very easy by t code first of all search the t code ZMB21LAYOUT now choose the your plant code, print layout and enter the reservation number then press the Execute(F8) now you can take print of layout. press the Ctrl+P and choose the select print name then ok.

How to delete item code in reservation

There are very simple process you can delete to easy but one for you why requirement to delete item code actually if any wrong by mistake to make reservation so that is requirement to delete.

Requirement Tcode: MB22

If you want to delete item code so you have to use MB22 after complete reservation number, so now first you login in sap and search the T-code MB22 and put the reservation number and then you have see the computer screen  this type image.

then choose the option D then press the SAVE.

How to use MB23 and what was benefits

Here you can check the all reservation number list history date wise every thing you can collect data of  making reservation number which item code. and save any for in future reference.

What is use of T CODE MB25

In this T code of MB25 you can see only view of reservation for clarification

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