How to Search Item Code in SAP

Are you know how to search item code in SAP, that is very simple process to you can search item code if you are not know, today as tel you how to search item code of any material but most important should be require some data. that is right name, description, part number, drawing number, etc if any martial when you are search.

How to Search Item Code in SAP How to search item code in SAP
How to Search Item Code in SAP

Now start the process of search the item code in sap yo can follow me step by step
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Step-1, First of all login sap

Step-2, After login click here to Ctrl+F or search the MMBE and otherwise you can search other method of after login you see the top view available search option so you typr MMBE then click the button of enter.

Step-3, Then you can search item code so I know you have not know item of material so click the right box in place of item code

Step-4, Type the name of material by help part number , drawing number etc like as *Allen*bolt*M12*30* and select the plant name or hints-500 then click the search.

Step-5, After that you can found more item code or details of material so you can select the right material.(if the not found right item code so I think may item code not open first you can get request to open item code )

Step-6, Now you have found item code so you can search T-code MMBE or search item code if available or not. if not available material so you can indent.

I hope, you are understand about how to search item code of any type of material if any required help you can comment in box.

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