SAP Material Management Transaction Code List(T-code)

If you want to search transaction code of material management model please see the below list complete details of transaction code. The transaction code short name of t-code.

Material Master Management Related T-code ?

MM01Create Material
MM02Change Material
MM03Display Material
MB03Display material document

Vendor Master Related T-code ?

FK01Create Vendor to Company code Level
XK01Create to Vendor code
XK02Edit Vendor
XK03Display Vendor List
XK07To Change Vendor Account Group
MKVZList of Vendor

Purchasing info Record related T-code ?

ME11Create Purchasing info Records
ME12Change Purchasing info Records
ME13Display Purchasing info Records

Source List Related T-code ?

ME01Create Source List
ME02Change Source List
ME03Display Source List

Purchase Requestion Related T-code ?

ME51NCreate Purchase Requestion
ME52NChange Purchase Requestion
ME53NDisplay Purchase Requestion
ME54NRelease Purchase Requestion

RFQ for Quotation Related T-code ?

ME41Create RFQ for Quotation
ME42Change RFQ for Quotation
ME43Display RFQ for Quotation

Purchase Order Related T-code ?

ME21NCreate Purchase Order
ME22NChange Purchase Order
ME23NDisplay Purchase Order
ME29NRelease Purchase Order

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